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Volunteer Assistance

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Llamas in distress or Llamas in need of training to be re-homed or rehabilitated if at all possible isn't necessarily an easy task. It takes dedication, understanding and a gentle hand to gain their trust. Volunteers that can assist with these qualifications mean everything for the success of our programme.


Therefore it is with heartfelt thanks if you can be of assistance to help us in getting our programme started and to work with us to move forward.


If you are able to spend a day, some hours on a regular basis or a dedicated span of time it would make a wonderful difference to us. We do not hire outside assistance and we both work exclusively on our Llama programme. A daunting task at times.


Keep in mind it's not just Llama training, walks etc. it is also physical labour that is needed to keep barns clean, feeding activities, grooming if required and the human socialization that may be needed to get Llamas learning to trust again. It can be difficult at times but the rewards totally outweigh it all. There is a great deal of pleasure working with Llamas. They are highly intelligent and extremely gentle given their individual circumstance.

Should you be in a position to offer assistance to help our rescued Llamas please do not hesitate to let us know via email at A few  hours a week, day or specific time frame all go toward giving a safe haven to these majestic, beautiful beings.

We would be so appreciative of your care and assistance. There are no words to express our thanks.

Photo above by: Bernice Sheppard (under copyright)

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