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Our Goal

Our Goal


It is our mandate to assist in providing care and a safe haven for Llamas where their guardians can no longer provide a home for them. We certainly understand that there are circumstances beyond a person's control where they can no longer manage. A farm may only have a couple of Llamas and one may pass leaving it's buddy without a friend. All Llamas need to have at least one or two companion Llamas to live out their life happy and content. Preferably a herd environment which is their natural habitation.

Should this be the case or if other circumstances exist please do not hesitate to call us to see if we may be able to offer assistance. We can be reached at 613.582.3277 or email us at

We will have two distinct divisions within our Llama Programme. One being the Sanctuary we are now establishing and our Llama breeding programme that has been operative for over 17 years. The Two endeavours will be completely separate.

When Llamas arrive they will be quarantined for their safety and undergo close supervision. It is our goal to ensure that they know they are in a safe place and given our assessment will be slowly introduced to training, care and a herd family unit. All will have 24/7 barn access, pasture, heated water, hay and minerals as well as Vet care if required. They will spend their days with all of the necessities required to live out their lives in comfort, care and in a compassionate setting.

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