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Donating to the Llama Sanctuary

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I completely understand that it is becoming an everyday occurrence. No matter what point of the day or evening you may be enjoying shopping, internet interaction, watching television....any form of outside or media activity in your home you are asked to give a donation for any number of causes. Nothing is more tedious than being asked to donate. It has become the norm.


I guess we are no different. Operating costs relative to farming and sustaining high standards of care is costly. While Llamas continue to be very hardy and require little to no Vet assistance in their lifetime there are those that unfortunately do. Pasture maintenance, grain, hay, minerals, Llama pellets are all added expenditures along with shearing, toe trimming and dental work. We hire professional shearers given their experience and expedient handling. Less stress for each Llama. Diesel fuel expenses are rapidly increasing and that plays a part in our day to day operations. In our calculation below we have not included fuel, barn, tractor repairs, stall mats, feeder tubs, or Vet care along with other general expenses in the day to day farm operation. It continues to be a challenge.


Some expenditures are listed below. 

Should you be in a position to offer monetary assistance in the care of our Sanctuary Llamas no matter the amount, please accept our heartfelt thank you. Please let us know who you are so that we can keep you informed via email as to our progress and where your contribution has been directed. Know that your donation will be solely for the care and well being of Llamas in the Sanctuary Division.

Bags of:

Grain: $ 11.00 

Llama Pellets: $ 22.95

Sheep Minerals: $ 47.00

Blue Cobalt Iodized Salt: $ 13.30

Wood Shavings: $ 7.51

Bale of Hay: $ 60.00 on average

Shearing as at 2022: $ 30.00, Toe Trimming: $ 7.00 - 10.00, Dental Work: $ 10.00

If you are able to donate to our Sanctuary please send your contribution to the address on our contact page. Let us know of your kindness by my emailing me at so that we can send along progress reports on the Llamas you have so generously helped. Thank you so much.

Karen & Vick

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