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Forever Cherished Llama Sanctuary


Silver 2.jpg

We have established a non-profit Llama Sanctuary in the Upper Ottawa Valley. We are aware there are a number of Llamas for whatever reason are in need of re-homing and/or in need of their forever home. It may well be that their owners can no longer care for them given health or financial reasons. While we are not a huge refuge facility we are able to utilize our experience to assist for a number of these treasured animals. We have over 17 years of experience working with and owning Llamas. 

Our inspiration to begin this endeavour stems from one of our most beloved - T.L.R. Silver Cloud (RIP) photo above.

Silver's Story

Silver came to us through a neighbour who occasionally would purchase Llamas from a driver on route to a slaughter facility. The driver would stop off at a few farms on route to see if anyone would purchase some of the animals he had on board. An act of kindness. Our neighbour contacted us and we immediately purchased Silver from him. The driver had his registration papers from the previous owner......I guess his owner was hoping something special would happen for Silver along the way. Well we think it did.

Silver was such a lovely gent. The above photos are of Silver when he arrived. Ears torn, rags for fibre he was still standing proud non the less. Silver found his forever  home.

Folks seem to love the 'before and after' photos. Here is our boy once he had a make over. He will remain in our hearts forever. Rest in peace my dear boy. Knowing you over the years has made our decision an easy one to help Llamas in distress or in need.


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